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SexSmith Surveys Ltd. is a company providing land-surveying services to many different industries within the Central & Southern Alberta Region. Established in 1992, we currently utilize all the latest survey technology available so as to provide our clients an accurate and cost effective product / service.
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These are only a few of the services that SexSmith Surveys has to offer.

Please feel free to contact our office if you are in need of these, or any other services.

RPR (Real Property Report):
A drawing showing the dimensions of the property, as well as any manmade, above ground permanent features, and their relation to the property lines. A real property report is required in most real estate transactions.


The process of Creating new Boundaries, usually by dividing a large piece of land into smaller pieces of land. Our team can help you through the process of subdivision, including application to the municipality, creating a plan of survey and registering the subdivision at Land Titles.


There are many different types of condominium surveys, including converting rental apartment buildings into condominium units, new building construction, or bareland condominium projects. SexSmith Surveys has experience in all forms of condominium surveys and can help to make your project run smoothly.


New Construction Stakeout:
Whether you are planning to build a new garage, a new home, or a new office building, it is important to have a surveyor stake the location of the new structure to make sure you are building it in the right spot. SexSmith Surveys has many years of expierence staking homes for professional homebuilders.


Boundary Locate:
Knowing the exact location of a property line can be very important for issues such as construction of fences, retaining walls, or to settle disputes between neighbours. Our professional field crews have experience in marking property lines for these purposes.


Topographical Survey:
A topographic survey depicts the topography or the “lay of the land” of a specific parcel(s). Elevations are taken with surveying equipment at several points on the property and plotted on paper.


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